Sentilo Official Docker Images

Since version 2.0.0, the official docker images of each of the platform modules have been made available to the community.

These images can be downloaded from the Docker Hub library at:

From there you’ll can pull and create your own Sentilo containers as needed.

Available Sentilo official docker images

  • sentilo/agent-activity-monitor
  • sentilo/agent-alert
  • sentilo/agent-federation
  • sentilo/agent-historian
  • sentilo/agent-kafka
  • sentilo/agent-location-update
  • sentilo/agent-metrics-monitor
  • sentilo/agent-relational
  • sentilo/catalog-web
  • sentilo/platform-server

Sentilo platform as multi-container Docker applications

Alternatively, a Docker Compose image script has been created that creates a basic Sentilo instance with the necessary services to be able to test them from our desired development environment.

You can download the project from:

Available Sentilo services:

  • Sentilo Platform Server (REST API)
  • Sentilo Alert Agent
  • Sentilo Location Updater Agent
  • Sentilo Catalog (web application)

Also available external services (non Sentilo official images):

  • Redis
  • MongoDB

All the necessary documentation is available at the file from the project.

Once all the services have been started, with the proposed default configuration, and with Docker running in our local environment, we can access the platform through the following urls:

All your conf files and logs will be available at local directories as data volumes:

  • ./logs
  • ./conf