Monitor API (Beta)ΒΆ

Since v1.9, Sentilo offers an internal Monitor API that enables direct access to select real-time information of the API server and other components. With this internal API you can also remotely restart API server, for example in case the main API is too busy.

The Monitor API runs on a different port then public API. The default port number is 7081 and is configured in /sentilo/sentilo-platform/sentilo-platform-server/src/main/resources/properties/ by property monitor.port:


This API currently works with the Catalog Application token. You can find the catalog token in the Application section of the Catalog.


The catalog application token is very sensitive information, since it is used for admin operations. Make sure you do store it in a private repository. Also make sure calls to the monitoring API are encrypted. See more in the Security section

List of API resources in the monitoring API:

Resource Method Description
/monitor/ping GET Simple service that responds with http code 200 if the server is up and running.
/monitor/rl_input_status GET Returns values of global rate limiting (incoming requests), for the last hour.
/monitor/metrics GET Returns a list of components with their metrics
/monitor/restart POST Gracefully restarts the API server. No body needed.
/monitor/force-restart POST Forces a restart of the API server. No body needed.